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Musician and auctioneer
Roy Burdick, auctioneer, Musician and auctioneer, 2005; Roy Burdick; Florida, Massachusetts; Photography by Maggie Holtzberg
Roy Burdick, auctioneer, Musician and auctioneer, 2005
Roy Burdick
Florida, Massachusetts
Photography by Maggie Holtzberg
Roy Burdick in signature jacket; Musician and auctioneer; 2005:
Sign announcing Rowe Old Home Days  auction; Musician and auctioneer; 2005: Rowe, Massachusetts
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Roy Burdick
North Adams, MA
Roy Burdick started auctioneering over 30 years ago and has been bid chanting ever since. A natural performer, with a deep, animated voice, Burdick moves with the alacrity of the boxer/wrestler he once was. In 2003, he won the Massachusetts Auctioneers Association state championship. Burdick makes his home in Florida, Massachusetts where, in addition to being an auctioneer, he is also a real estate broker, fundraiser, singer, and evangelist. He teaches at the International Auction School run by Douglas Auctioneering in S. Deerfield. Burdick is knowledgeable about the history of auctioneering and specializes in a singing bid chant.
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