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Carnatic vocal
Tara Anand Bangalore playing violin, Carnatic vocal, 2018; Framingham, Massachusetts;
Tara Anand Bangalore playing violin, Carnatic vocal, 2018

Framingham, Massachusetts
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Tara Anand Bangalore
Framingham, MA
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Diya Godavarti
Westford, MA
Tara Anand Bangalore started learning to sing Carnatic music at the age of four, studying with leading teachers in both New Delhi and Madras. Vocal music is the main emphasis of Carnatic music, which evolved from Hindu traditions hundreds of years ago in southern India. Tara has practiced this art form for more than forty years and for nearly three decades has taught at the school she founded in 1989, the Anubhava School of Music. An artist of international caliber, Tara is a master teacher who requires of her students a rare adherence to quality, discipline, and an unconditional lifelong commitment to the art. It is no wonder that she is one of the most sought after teachers of Carnatic singing and violin in the country.

Apprentice Diya Godavarti was raised in a family trained in Carnatic music and began her study with Aunty Tara at age 4. Now an advanced student of Carnatic music, Diya has performed extensively, consistently won prizes in the Cleveland Aradhana Festival competitions, and was selected to participate in the rigorous training series, "Sustaining Sampradaya. " Diya completed her Arangetram (debut concert) in 2017.

Tara views this apprenticeship as a reward justly earned by Diya. They will focus on technical Pallavis (technical compositions( and techniques for mastering trikalam (the same line sung in different rhythmic combinations.(
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